2017 Haikou Nanhai Pearl International Marina Club

Date: June 21, 2017
Unique Blend of Concrete Pontoon System with Aluminum Alloy Pontoon Finger Dock System - Haikou Nanhai Pearl International Marina Club Project
The adoption of a great design concept&combination of concrete pontoon, with an additional touch of elegant surface decoration and aluminum alloy finger pontoon, has led this Marina project to become a top quality project in Hainan.

Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island is located on the west side of Haikou Bay, a straight line approximately 2 km from the sea area in front of the new State Guesthouse. This Marina Club project is invested by Hainan Golden Gulf Investment Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under the HNA Group, Co., Ltd. The construction of this project is within the harbour basin, and also designed to be built within the inner harbour basin, with an independent inner breakwater. This helps to distinguish it from the port of the cruise ship.

During the initial stage of the project, 11 yacht berths, including a 161-foot yacht berth, two 102-foot yacht berths, 69-foot yacht berths, and a 40-foot yacht berth were constructed. A movable gangway and fixed gangway were also constructed during this period.

After more than three months of consistent effort, this project has been completed. Regardless of the overall stability or appearance of the Marina, the results are definitely on par with imported products.

At present, intense construction is being carried out for both the inner breakwater and revetment. After completion of the integrated berthing conditions, great commendations would be received from the Owner. At the same time, this is one of the greatest achievements and encouragement in our Marina construction journey.

The common goal and objective of Goodocks has always been Engineering Quality Assurance and Product Innovation.

Date: February 26, 2017
HaiHang Foundation Granted to Goodocks-HaiKou Nanhai Pear International Yacht Club-Starting Berth Area project-Concrete and Aluminum Pontoon
The project covered the construction works of marina yacht berth 11, including 1 berth with 161 feet yacht, 2 berth with 102 feet yacht, 7 berth for 60 feet yacht, 1 berth for 40 feet yacht, one moveable gangway and one fixed gangway.

This project was composed of main concrete pontoon, concrete finger pontoon and aluminum alloy pontoon, which concrete pontoon with 4 meters width, outer side of the pontoon uses the main profile wrapping, Surface pavement with PE decking, using D600 steel pile fixed positioning, with great stability and pretty appearance. Concrete pontoon choose prefabricated on the project site, hoisting the water drag the project site, 80% of the concrete pontoon prefabrication has been completed, site installation of the main profiles and laying the decking, prepare for maritime consignment and water installation, project plan to finish by 1st April 2017.