Aluminum Alloy Docks
Singapore Police Coast Guard Pier

Project Overview: 

Structure: Aluminum Alloy Pontoon
Quantity of Berths: 46
Yacht Accommodation: 30 ~ 60 Feet

1. Our design proposal was approved by Building and Construction Authority, Singapore.
2. This floating pontoon structure is specially designed to resist high impact horizontal force, and has extremely strong anti-impact performance.
3. The pontoon system is equipped with refueling berth.

Singapore Coast Guard Pier is a government project that primarily serves the Singapore Coast Guard’s steel-hulled vessel with 70ft of length. Patrol boats will be only used for emergency. And when boats are docked, it needs certain speed for boat to berth. So, the anti-collision force and anti-collision performance have to act above the standard.

Based on this difficulty, our engineering team customized the pontoon structure that could resist high impact horizontal force after strict and meticulous calculation, and installed D150MM*40mm rubber fender, which solved the project problem and stood out among all bidding schemes. Then the project finally came to a successful conclusion. The owner, Singapore Marine Police Department and main contractor, Singapore Anda Maritime Company sincerely expressed their appreciation to Goodocks for all the thing we’ve done. In addition, a pontoon of offshore gas station had been built in this project to facilitate the daily refueling of marine police vessels.