Pre-phase Cooperation

Communicating with client to know about the requirement of project.

Issuing of preliminary design plan in accordance with related codes for marina design and customers’supplementary materials.

Commercial negotiation for signing up of preliminary cooperation agreement and manipulation of draft contract.

Cooperation Phase

Optimizing dock/marina/jetty design

Providing calculation books

Submitting design plans to nominated consultants for approval

Applying local government’s approval (if needed)

Cooperation Phase

Signing of Formal Contract


Cooperation Phase

Project Department Establishment


Cooperation Phase

Providing manufacturing process scheme to the owner and nominated consultant.

Drawing up method statement for transportation and installation.

Submitting materials list and factory qualification(ISO accreditation) etc.

Submitting material certificates and materials test reports.

Assisting the consultant to check and inspect on-site materials.

Assisting the consultant to check and inspect on-site sub-items.

Stacking and warehousing of finished products.

Packing and shipping of ex-factory products

Cooperation Phase

 Scheduling experienced operators.

 Re-checking on-site materials list for installation works.

 Assembling on shore, lifting, launching, hauling and installation on waters.

 Checking and commissioning for connection joints of the   pontoon system.

 Project acceptance and handover.

After-sales Services

Floating Dock Maintenance: return email visit on a quarterly basis.

Maintenance works and accessories supply of floating dock.