Aluminum Alloy Docks
Xincunsha Floating Dock Development Project

Project Overview:

Structure: Aluminum Alloy Pontoon

Quantity of Berths: 110

Yacht Accommodation: 30 Feet ~ 70 Feet

1. It’s he first marina in Chongming Island, Shanghai.

2.The project was designed for private berths

Located in Chongming Island, Shanghai, Qidong floating dock construction is an important part of Greenland Group's Long Island Development Project, which integrates leisure, entertainment, business and residence. Qidong Xincunsha Floating Dock Development Project is backed by 17km bank line of the Yangtze River, with excellent geographical location, and at least five floating pontoon systems were planned to build.

We were mainly responsible for the first phase of Huxin Island project, with 68 public berths and constructed private berths for 42 villas. In this project, the aluminum alloy floating dock system was adopted, and the floating pontoons were anchored by the fixed way of sliding rail along the shore. The yacht berths built by our company can dock 70-foot yachts/boats at the maximum, which could meet the reception standard of the local market to the greatest extent.