Aluminum Alloy Docks
Tangshan International Tourism Island Development Project

Project Overview
Structure: Aluminum Alloy Pontoon
Quantity of Berths: 322
Yacht Accommodation: 30 ~ 260 Feet

1. It’s the first marina with aluminum alloy pontoon system in Tangshan City, Hebei Province.
2. All dock floats in this project were customized and passed the freezing test, so the floats were with good performance of low temperature resistance and anti-freezing

Overlooking the coast of Bohai Sea, this is a Construction Project for Terminal Passenger Center and Harbor Pool in the southeast of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, which Goodocks participated in, and it was a pioneer project to lead the blue ocean and tourism economy development on the island. We had newly built 300 yacht berths with latest aluminum alloy structure and two 50-meter-long tourist berths with steel structure. The whole floating system were equipped with aluminum alloy pontoons, power pedestals and fire-equipment, and can dock 80-150-foot yachts/boats.

The project site faces perennial frozen condition in winters, and frozen thickness may reach to 30-50cm, or even 1 meter in some extremely cold years. Based on our team’s comprehensive consideration, the anti-frozen experiment was carried out on our proposed PE floats, and the relevant experimental data was combined with the design calculation of pontoon to accurately manufacture customized pontoon products with low temperature resistance and freezing resistance. It has been eight years since the completion of the project. Though suffered several ice periods, none of the customized PE floats are damaged, and the whole pontoon system keeps excellent freezing resistance with stable structures.