Aluminum Alloy Docks
Floating Pontoon Project of South Plum Garden


Structure: Aluminum Alloy Pontoon
Quantity of Berths: 291
Yacht Accommodation: 30 ~ 300 Feet

Floating Pontoon Project of South Plum Garden Hanma Lake, Puning City, Guangdong Province, is an important part implemented by Jieyang City to build the core of "the capital of commerce and trade circulation". It accelerates the development of entertainment and develops the newly tourism industry to build eastern Guangdong AAAA scenic spot. In the overall planning, the construction of water recreation area is one of the key projects.

After several-round seminars, our company proposed to build an aluminum alloy pontoon system with 20-meter length, so as to realize north-south connection of Hanma Lake and meet the needs of tourism development. Considering that the water level of Hanma Lake changes more than 9 meters during the wet and dry seasons, the maximum wind speed of the project site during the typhoon can reach 14 levels. In order to protect the local hydrological environment, anchoring pontoon by piling was not allowed to apply in this project, and underwater elastic mooring system became the most preferred one. Based on the requirements of legal norms, our team of engineers had solved the problem of pontoon anchorage perfectly after strict calculation and verification. Even in the worst weather, the lateral displacement of the pontoon will not be greater than 0.7 meters. Benefited from the development of Floating Pontoon Project of South Plum Garden Hanma Lake, it would not only open the way for people who live inside the mountain area, but also provide a place for people to relax.