Aluminum Alloy Docks
Guangzhou taiguchang Yacht Club

Project Overview

Structure:  Aluminum Pontoon

Quantity of Berths: 21

Yacht Accommodation: 40 ~ 80 Feet

1.Aluminum alloy structure yacht marina

2.Upgrading marina that transforms from relic. It greatly enhanced the aesthetic of appearance

3.Multiple yacht operation and service.

Taigucang Yacht Marina is located on the White Swan Pond, in the center of Guangzhou. It is the starting point of the golden route of Guangzhou Pearl River Tour (White Swan Pond-Guangzhou Tower) which is a veritable cultural heritage in Guangzhou. The marina was built during 1908 for the use of the Taikoo Steamship company which has a history of more than 100 years. Here you can enjoy yacht membership sales, yacht driving training, yacht rental experience, yacht mooring and hosting, yacht wedding photography and other services.


The Taigucang yacht marina is all made of aluminum alloy structure. After upgrading and transformation, the yacht marina has complete renovation which reveal a modern atmosphere with popular style. It attracts more young people through the combination of modernity and traditional and prospers again.