Aluminum Alloy Docks
Perth Coast Guard Pier

Project Overview

Structure:  Aluminum Pontoon

Quantity of Berths: 4

Yacht Accommodation: 20 ~ 66 Feet

1.In the area of greatly ship travelling waves, we strengthen the design of pile holder components to resist the influence of waves on the pontoon bridge.

2.Can provide customers with installation animation, improve the installation efficiency of customers.

In the middle reaches of Perth River in Australia, we may catch a glimpse of Goodocks’ footprint of Perth Coast Guard Pier. So many working boats/yachts/ships in this 150-meter-wide river was shuttling through, the pontoon system would be greatly affected by the ship wave. Considering the large diameter of the five original piles in the middle of the pontoons, the design width and length of a pontoon respectively had to reach to 6 meters and 20 meters.

To ensure that the pile guide is strong enough, we had carried out the strengthening design of structural members, which is easy to against the ship waves. For facilitating client’s understanding and installation works, Goodocks provided our client with exclusive installation animation, it greatly improved the efficiency of the whole installation works. After Goodocks's pontoon products had been put into use for more than one year, we came to Perth project site again for product inspection and client’s feedback collection, and our client showed great appreciation with our products and services. Gooducks’ staff who were on site saw that our pontoon products provided excellent services for countless boats/yachts/ships, and deeply felt the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction brought by quality engineering. Standing on the Perth River and azure sky, we are continued to move forward.