Concrete Pontoon Docks
Yellow River Delta National Cruise Terminal

Project Overview: 

Structure: Concrete Pontoon
Quantity of Berths: 36
Yacht Accommodation: 30 Feet ~ 100 Feet

1.The whole pontoon system is applied with anti-frozen material, which can resist the harsh icing environment.

2. The national park sightseeing wharf at the Yellow River estuary.

Yellow River Delta National Cruise Terminal, is located in National Nature Reserve of Yellow River Delta, Shandong province, China, where is the most complete wetland ecosystem in China's warm temperate zone, integrating the scenery of the Yellow River and wetland features. The establishment of the pontoon system not only enriches travelers' visiting ways within the Yellow River Delta, but also promotes the integration of economic development and natural protection modes in local nature reserves.

We adopt concrete pontoon system with steel positioning piles for cruise ships anchoring. The freezing thickness of seawater in the harbor can reach 70-80cm in winter, and ice is formed in the deicing period in every March, which is a challenge to the thin shell structure of the pontoon system. After one ice period, and the pontoon system runs perfectly without any damage, with excellent performance.