Concrete Pontoon Docks
Evergrande Ocean Flower Island Yacht Club

Project Overview
Structure: Aluminum Alloy Pontoon
Quantity of Berths: 80
Yacht Accommodation: 30 ~ 100 Feet

1.The aluminum alloy pontoon system is specially designed to adapt to tropical monsoon climate, it can resist typhoon with maximum magnitude of 16.

2. The whole pontoon system adopts environment-friendly materials, which can best protect the local marine ecology.

Ocean Flower Island is a super-large artificial island in Hainan province, China, with a planned reclamation area of about 8 square kilometers. The island consists of three independent offshore islands where the yacht club is built in the center of the artificial island. There had been built 80 berths at the first phase and would be increased to 280 berths in the later phases.

Goodocks adopted 80 berths of aluminum alloy pontoon system at the first phase. Considering that the whole pontoon system is in tropical monsoon climate, all pontoons have to apply with \lsuper-strong resistance to typhoon with maximum magnitude of 16. In addition, in order to protect the local marine ecology, the pontoon is manufactured with recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.