Steel Construction Docks
Meiyuan International Haikou Bay


· New construction Hot Galvanized Steel Marina

· Accommodates yachts up to 76 feet

· Full-service fuel dock


· Design, Manufacture, Installation, Delivery

· As general contractor

· Installation of docks and related Accessories

Meiyuan International Yacht Club is located at the international tourist island, Haikou City, the capital of Hainan Province, sitting on the unique natural resources and geographical advantages.

The pier plan is jointly designed by top designers from Spain, France, Singapore and the United States. The project covers tourism, vacation, leisure, sports, business and other functions, and also reflects the characteristics of close integration with the real estate industry.

The dock area of the yacht dock is 128,000 square meters, and 300 yacht berths are planned. The area includes waterway, dock, swing water area, breakwater and sand dike, artificial peninsula, yacht dock, trestle, refueling dock, yacht maintenance pier and launching site, Hydrophilic platform; onshore land area of 130,900 square meters, including north breakwater, facilities including member club, member reception hall, sailing training center, yacht and accessories exhibition center, marine supply, emergency rescue and leisure center in south breakwater, etc. architecture. There are also member hotels, 5-star hotels, and other supporting projects along the coast. Phase 1 of the marina has completed construction with 111 berths.