Steel Construction Docks
Longcheer Yacht Club

Project Overview:


Structure: Galvanized Steel Pontoon

Quantity of Berths: 119

Yacht Accommodation: 30  ~ 100 Feet


1.China's first membership yacht club.

2.Special dock for China Cup International Regatta

Longcheer Yacht Club is located in Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen, it behinds to Qiniang Mountain and faces the ecological sea area of Daya Bay. The whole project covers an area of about 340,000 square meters. As-built 119 berths were international standards and equipped with 400 dry berths. As the earliest yacht club with member mechanism in China, it’s the preferred place for entertaining and high-end business activities of the rich and elite in China. The whole project uses aluminum alloy pontoon structure, which has been in operation for nearly 14 years and experienced tens of typhoons, Goodocks’s pontoon system are perfectly tested. Until now, We are still insisting on perfecting our own product system and providing customers with Chinese high-quality projects.