Latest News of Point Roberts Marina Aluminum Pontoon Project in U.S.A.

After a year of project application and design, Potona has make a remarkable progress for T-docks replacement that states government and Federal government has approved the permit for construction work. The projects divided into 2 parts.

1. When old pontoons are removed, in the meanwhile, Potona has completed the work of Aluminum new pontoons assembly on shore. Now, main body of docks assembly itself has been finished, including the relevant parts like Pontoon, panel, fender, cleat , conjunction . When old docks are completely removed, we can put new docks on water. This will be a huge contrast on scene.

2. Owe to particularity of this project, The new docks are the first time to become completely brand new since last 30 years. Therefore, the replacement of docks have been widely concern. From now on, we will remove the old docks and put them on recycling service by crane.