Nobel Laureate in Literature, Mr. Mo Yan Highly Praised Asia's Largest Marina Project, Weifang Happy Sea Yacht Club


On May 9, 2020, Mo Yan, Chinese first Nobel Laureate in Literature, visited Weifang Happy Sea Yacht Club. In addition, local international landmarks such as Bohai Eye Ferris Wheel and Ark Hotel were in Mr. Mo Yan’s two-day visiting schedule. Mr. Mo Yan looked from the railing at the Happy Sea International Yacht Club, watching the cruise ships sailing, and sincerely praised, "After seeing a lot of landscapes along the way, I felt that it was a completely new look, a new vision and a new pattern. The desolate beach in the past has become a hot land full of vigor and vitality, and it is beyond imagination to erect such an international style building. It can be foreseen that this land will have a very beautiful future and a very broad developed prospect."

It’s reported that the Happy Sea Yacht Club Project in Weifang Binhai Tourist Resort, praised by Mr. Mo Yan, is an international yacht marina integrating business, clubhouses and professional yacht services. The planned area of the project is 640 mu (land area is 280 mu, water area is 360 mu) and the land construction area is 40,000 m2. It is divided into five areas, commercial service area, tourist service center, maintenance service area, yacht dry warehouse area and parking lot, with 741 high-grade yacht berths, which is the largest marina in Asia. After completion, it can be used to dock all kinds of high-grade yachts, become an important yacht berthing base in Bohai Bay, drive the development of leisure and holiday tourism, yacht building and other industries, create the most attractive coastal tourism business card in the Yellow River Delta, and turn Weifang into a new coastal city in the blue economic zone and a connecting city between peninsula tourism and inland tourism. The pontoon system project was undertaken by GOODOCKS CO., LTD. At present, the main construction has been completed, and 335 yacht berths and 200 motorboat berths have been built.